Liberty Bill Platform

“Liberty Bill” Gibson Platform for Colorado House District 11



As a member of the Colorado State House, my duty is to secure and protect the rights of the citizens of Colorado.
Protecting the rights of the Citizens of Colorado includes:

1)     Repealing state laws that infringed on citizen’s rights.

a.      Roll back the taxes masquerading as fees that violate TABOR. This includes the car registration fee hike and the Hospital Provider Fee.

2)     Vote no and speak out against current and future laws that would infringe further on citizen’s rights.

a.      TABOR should be strengthened, not nibbled away.

b.     Stop Eminent Domain Abuse: The Colorado Constitution states

Section 14. Taking private property for private use. Private property shall not be taken for private use unless by consent of the owner, except for private ways of necessity, and except for reservoirs, drains, flumes or ditches on or across the lands of others, for agricultural, mining, milling, domestic or sanitary purposes

3)     Passing laws that protect the rights of Colorado citizens.  Examples include:

a.      HB13-1045 Prohibit State Aid to NDAA investigations, and similar prohibitions of State Aid for email, internet, and phone tapping of Colorado citizens without a warrant that names

b.     Eliminate the state government's use of any bank which paid 10 million or more in fines in the last 10 years for crimes such as mortgage fraud.

c.     Make gold and silver coin legal tender, giving some protection against the money printing at the federal level.

5)     Support Hemlock Society's initiative to allow Colorado citizens the choice of Death with Dignity. 


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